Prosper with Working Capital Loan Effortlessly

SMEs that meet the following criteria are eligible for Working Capital Loan’

Working Capital Loan Eligibility

  • Minimum operational history of 1 years
  • Promoter age 22 and above

Working Capital Loan Documents

  • KYC documents of the entity & promoters
  • Bank statement for the last 6 months
  • 1 years ITR for >10 lacs

Get upto INR 1 Crores in under 24 hours.

We work with specific segments and use our understanding to make loan better

Quick & Simple

Minimum documentation. No collaterals

Multiple Lenders

One application. Multiple lenders. Increased chances of loan approval

Best Fit

Specific loan products. For specific business needs

Flexible & Transparent

Choice of loan tenure & repayment modes. No hidden charges

What Is Working Capital Loan

A firm invests a part of its permanent capital in fixed assets and keeps a part of it for working capital, i.e., for meeting the day to day requirements. Working capital is defined as the excess of current assets over current liabilities. Working capital to a company is like the blood to the human body. It is the most vital ingredient of business. We will hardly find a firm which does not require any amount of working capital for its normal operations. The requirement of working capital varies from firm to firm depending upon the nature of the business, production policy, market conditions, seasonality of operations, conditions of supply etc.

Indifi, with its innovative online lending platform, provides quick and hassle-free business loans without security to bridge the financial needs of your business. Indifi provides loans customised to your requirements with minimal documentation and eligibility criteria.

The process of applying for a business loan with Indifi is straightforward and transparent. A business owner just needs to fill his primary business and KYC details, and Indifi uses its advanced algorithms to procure relevant data from other sources, draw insights, and judge the creditworthiness of the business along with its current and past performance.

A working capital loan is a type of advance that helps a business fund it's day-to-day or short- term operations. These needs can include costs such as –

  • Procurement of raw material

  • Payment for overhead expenses like wages, electricity, rent and other utilities

  • Financing blocked payments from debtors

  • Paying suppliers in advance

  • Maintaining a sufficient level of cash, etc.

In other words, working capital loans are simply borrowings that are used by a company to finance its daily operations.

When do you need a working capital loan?

There can be several times when your business can need small business working capital financing:

  • Helps you manage sales fluctuations

  • Acts as a cash cushion

  • Prepares your business to take up a bulk order

  • Stabilises and boosts cash flow

  • Equips you to leverage business opportunities

Why Indifi Working Capital Finance is the right choice for you?

  1. Quick & Simple-With minimum documentation and no collateral needed, the process becomes simpler than ever.

  2. Multiple Lenders-Increased chances of loan approval because we have multiple lenders.

  3. Best Fit-We offer a customized unsecured line of credit loan which are tailor-made as per the business sector and needs.

  4. Flexible & Transparent-Choice of loan tenure & repayment modes are chosen by the customer, hence making the process flexible with no hidden charges.

  5. Superfast processing-We process all loan applications within 24 hours on an average.

Benefits of Working Capital Loans

  • Working Capital loans can be availed easily with lesser formalities.

  • There is little or zero restriction on using a working capital loan. The lender only expects that it should be used to increase or revenue or maintain daily operations.

  • There is little or zero restriction on using a working capital loan. The lender only expects that it should be used to increase or revenue or maintain daily operations.

Working Capital loan eligibility criteria

Availing a business loan from Indifi is simple. Applicants just need to fulfil the following eligibility criteria to avail the benefits of the loan-

  • The minimum operational history of 1 years.

  • Two years ITR for income more than10 lacs.

  • VAT returns for the last 12 months.

Documents required for a working capital loan

The documentation requirements for business loans are minimal. You simply need to hand over the following documents to the representative.

  • Business Registration Proof

  • KYC documents of the applicant and the organisation

  • Bank statement for the last six months

  • Pan Card of the promoter

  • Aadhaar Card of the promoter

Four simple steps to your working capital loan

Submit Application: It just takes 60 seconds.

Upload Documents: Its Completely online process.

Get Sanctioned: Evaluation of Documents- Proper scrutiny of documents take place.

Disbursal: Once evaluated,the loan is disbursed.

What are the types of working capital loans?

There are various sources of working capital finance that lenders offer.

As per your business type and needs, you can choose from the following types of working capital finance:

Types Of Working Capital Loan

  2. Cash credit is regarded as the most usable form of Working Capital Financing; it is provided by the bank wherein a borrower is approved a specific amount of cash to use for business payments.

  4. When a good is sold on credit, Bills discounting can be used. It is an arrangement wherein the seller of goods recovers an amount of invoice from the bank. Banks generally charge a fee or commission for the service.

  6. Bank Guarantee is given by lending institutions to decrease the risk of loss to the other party due to non-performance of the agreed undertaking. In other words, the bank for some commission or security will cover the debt, if the debtors fail to settle it.

  8. Invoice Factoring is a financial transaction and a type of debtor finance. In an invoice factoring, a business sells its accounts receivable (invoice) to a third party (called a factor) at a discount. The element provides financing by purchasing the bills and additionally collects the amount from the debtors.

  10. A letter of credit, or "credit letter" is a letter from a bank that guarantees the buyer's full and timely payment to the sellers. If the buyer defaults, the bank covers the amount. Banks provide this service in return for a fee or security.

Working Capital Loan FAQS

  1. Is this Working Capital loan for you?
  2. If you are a business owner and need money to grow

    If you think or have experienced that getting a loan is difficult, we have designed our process to simplify your lone journey

    Multiple lenders and our business understanding improves the chances of getting a loans multifold

    Our loans are flexible and customized to your needs going up to 1 Crores.

  3. Do I need any collateral for the Working capital loan?
  4. We offer unsecured business loan, and no collateral is needed as security.

  5. How can I apply for the Working Capital Loan?
  6. Apply for a loan online at

  7. What are the various business and industries that Indifi offers Working Capital Loan solutions for?
  8. Indifi offers loan solutions for manufacturer, traders, service providers and retailers

    We have custom loans for travel agents, hotels, restaurants, retailers and e-commerce businesses.

  9. Can I repay you anytime?
  10. Save on interest by repaying the loan whenever you have money

    You can also part pay and reduce the loan period

  11. What happens when I delay my payments?
  12. Customers are periodically informed to help repay timely.

    In cases of missed payments, a quick repayment along with a notification informing Indifi is expected.

    In case of unexpected events, case by case decisions are made to help the customer.

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