Amazon Seller Loan Eligibility

  • Minimum operational history of 1 years
  • Anchor Vintage of 6 months
  • Anchor monthly payout of 10k
  • Promoter age 22 and above

Required Documents for Amazon Seller Loan

  • KYC documents of the entity & promoters
  • Bank statement for the last 6 months
  • ITR required for annual turnover > Rs.5 Crores

About Amazon Seller Loan

The pace at which e-commerce culture is contributing to shaping up the Indian economy is phenomenal. E-commerce has not only been imparting numerous benefits to the end consumers, but it has also been facilitating small and mid-size businesses to embark on a never-before growth journey. In the wake of an upward swing in the context of online shopping, the competition among e-commerce giants too is turning intense.

Undeniably, there are myriad benefits of being an Amazon seller, right from trimming the lead times, to making the apt pricing decisions, to ensuring wide geographical reach, to getting hold of the effective inventory management system. The apt and feasible credit solution in the form of online Amazon seller financing is one such aspect that is competent in addressing diverse concerns that ultimately enables an online seller to stay focused on business growth.

Distinctive Features Of Amazon Seller Loan

  • Flexible Loan Size:

It is possible to avail a considerable size of the loan amount (ranging from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 1 crore) besides gaining access to an option to avail loan twice of the current market-based sales value.

  • Fast disbursal:
  • The entire procedure related to the approval and disbursal of loan applications takes place swiftly.

  • Customized offering:
  • An Amazon seller can opt for customised credit solutions.

Amazon seller financing advantages

  • Ease of availing finance:
  • Amazon seller can apply for a loan via the lenders portal from anywhere at any time. Therefore, it saves a considerable amount of time that otherwise goes wasted in commuting.

  • Expansion of business:
  • Loans are designed specifically for the needs of an e-commerce seller. Hence, borrowers get customized offering.

  • Repayment terms:
  • Where the majority of the conventional lenders still prefer to stick to the EMI repayment system, an online seller can enjoy flexibility through opting for an online Amazon seller financing. Customers have the option of making weekly repayment, which helps them plan their finances better.

  • Collateral free:
  • As the majority of the Amazon seller loans are collateral-free, the seller can focus on the business growth sans experiencing any form of mental anxiety.

For what business purposes can I use Amazon Seller Loan For?

When it comes to running and managing the entire business, one requires funds for a variety of purposes including:

  • Flawless management of working capital:
  • Without the uninterrupted flow of working capital, it is extremely challenging to run an online business. Amazon Seller Loan may be available to manage routine business expenditures including salaries.

  • Stocking sufficient inventory:
  • Amazon Seller Loan comes handy in managing the inventory flow. To meet the growing demand, a seller must make provision to have sufficient inventory.

  • Covering short term and long term purchase cycles:
  • It gets difficult to manage sufficient funds either to meet short-term requirements or a long-term one. In such a scenario, Amazon Seller Loan truly comes to the seller’s rescue.

  • Warehouse management:
  • The entire management of the warehouse is an ongoing process. To meet varied relevant warehouse expenditures, it becomes crucial to avail Amazon Seller Loan.

Amazon Seller Loan Fees & Interest Rates

Customized Interest RatesStarting @1.5% PM
Processing Fees3%
Loan Tenureup to 3 years
Pre-closure Charges4%
Eligibility Criteria> 5L Turnover in last 6 Months
Loan Amount₹ 50,000 – ₹ 2 Cr.
Business Vintage6 Months
Installments Monthly

Eligibility Criteria

Online financing meant for the online seller is proposed by various credit sources including digital fintech companies, NBFCs and banks. As these entities pursue distinctive business philosophies, their eligibility criteria related to offering online loans too differ from one another. However, there are a few criteria that are found common to all:

  • At least one-year business operations

  • 6+ months affiliation with an e-commerce brand

  • Monthly turnover above Rs. 75,000

Process to avail Amazon Seller Business Loan

To avail Amazon seller loan, all you need to do is to explore the online loan providers’ portal. Once you have shortlisted the apt resource, simply fill in your details besides uploading required documents, including KYC documents and bank statements. The application procedure related to availing Amazon Seller business Loan offered by fintech lenders is much effortless in comparison to the other credit sources such as NBFC and banks. At Indifi, the process is completely online right from the application to the loan approval to the loan disbursal.

  • Take a glance at the following steps to complete the application process to avail loan:

  • Upload digital copies of the requested documents (personal and business KYC documents, bank statements, balance sheets, business profile proof, etc)

  • After submitting the documents, the lending portal evaluates the documents besides application to finally make the best loan offer to an online seller.

  • After submitting the documents, the lending portal evaluates the documents besides application to finally make the best loan offer to an online seller.

  • The moment loan application is being accepted, the loan is approved and the loan account is credited in the account of the loan seeker in minimal time.

Documents To Avail Amazon Seller Loan:

Online Seller Bank Loans: If you opt for the traditional loans from banks, Amazon Seller Financing requires you to have the following:

  • Valid personal and business KYC Documents

  • Duly filled application form

  • Tax returns that are valid

  • Bank statements

  • P&L account statement

  • Balance Sheet

  • Personal financial profile

If you opt for alternative sources such as NBFCs, the following documents are required:

  • Valid personal and business KYC Documents

  • Duly filled application form

  • Valid tax returns(if loan amount >10L)

  • Last 6 months bank statements

  • P&L statements(if loan amount >10L)

There are diversified kinds of loan options; an online seller can opt for:-

Loan Type

Tenor Range

Documents Required

Bank Loan

One to 30 years

Application Form

Valid KYC documents (Personal and Business)

Valid tax returns

Bank statement

Balance sheet and P&L account statement

Cash Advance

One to 30 years

KYC documents (Promoter & Borrower_Basis Firm constitution)


All current account Bank statements

If looking for more than 15 lac loan,We would also need, Balance sheet,ITR and P&L Statement.

Asset-Based Loan

One to three years

Valid KYC documents (Personal and Business)


Valid tax returns

Bank statement

Unsecured Business Loans

One to five years

Valid KYC documents (Personal and Business)


Valid tax returns

P&L statement

Debt schedule

All current account Bank statement

Final Thought

It is quite palpable that availing loan via an online lending portal is a truly hassle-free experience. As far as the business loan interest rate is concerned, it may be up to 30% besides paying a one-time processing fee of 3-5%. An online seller need not pay any pre-closure fee and can also opt for a flexible monthly and fortnightly repayment schedule.

Therefore, if you have been worried about the growing intensity of competition in the business landscape, turn to online Amazon Seller Business Loan to make the most of the current business opportunities without much delay. Also, since the online portals remain open 24/7 besides offering valuable customer services, the entire experience of availing loan becomes extremely smooth and swift.

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