Flipkart Seller Loan Eligibility

  • Minimum operational history of 1 years
  • Anchor Vintage of 6 months
  • Anchor monthly payout of 10k
  • Promoter age 22 and above

Required Documents for Flipkart Seller Loan

  • KYC documents of the entity & promoters
  • Bank statement for the last 6 months
  • ITR required for annual turnover > Rs.5 Crores

About Flipkart Seller

What Is A Flipkart Seller

A Flipkart Seller is an individual who sell products on Flipkart seller portal. But before becoming a Flipkart seller, you need to register on Flipkart seller portal.

Flipkart Seller Registration

Flipkart registration is the process of a vendor registering on Flipkart seller portal as a seller to market the products

Individuals no longer visit a physical shop to purchase garments, clothing, digital accessories, jewellery, or other products. With the dramatic increase in customer interest in online shopping, vendors are lagging in putting up their eCommerce business.

Let us take a closer look at the process of Flipkart seller registration. We are confident that the information provided below will assist you in growing your company with Flipkart.

Business Set-Up

Everyone started a company as a novice. You must not let a lack of skills or experience prevent you from establishing your firm. Selling on Flipkart is also a business in which many people lack experience. However, before you depart, there are a few business-related matters to attend to.

Conduct Research

Now that you've developed an online business concept, it's time to sort it against reality. Are you certain that your company concept has the seeds of success? Or are you still puzzled? In this instance, undergoing a validation procedure is the prudent course of action.

You must explore your business concept to determine whether or not it will succeed. Among the concerns, you must ask yourself to confirm your business concept, like who is your ideal customer? and Is there a market for the things you want to sell? Include all of your responses and more in your business plan; this will assist you in gaining a new perspective on your firm.

Financial Planning

You do not need a large sum of money, but an initial commitment and the ability to cover expenses before earning a return are required. To manage your budget, keep track of all one-time costs such as insurance, market research, licences, permits, legal fees, branding, inventory, and trademarking in a worksheet.

Selecting the appropriate business structure

For small businesses, many structures are available, including a partnership, a sole proprietorship, a limited liability company (LLC), a one-person company, and a private limited company. It is advised that you begin with the simplest structure possible. It not only allows you greater flexibility but also helps you keep prices down.

Business Name

Before settling on the ideal business name, you must consider all possible implications. Once you've decided on a name, sign up with the appropriate corporate organisation and, if possible, get the domain name.

Obtain necessary permissions and licences

Once you have agreed to start a business, the most crucial phase is the paperwork. There are numerous types of small business permits and licences that may apply to your situation, depending on the sort of business you are beginning and the place where you're located. You must conduct research to determine which permissions and licences are required and then work on them.

Select the appropriate product for sale on Flipkart Seller Hub

Creating an online business website with spectacular colours, vibrant images, and enticing offers is insufficient to convert customers. Buyers are everywhere, but you should make an effort to stand out. One of the simplest and most effective strategies is to choose your business from the most established internet marketplaces. This will almost certainly provide you with an incredible number of consumers within moments. The marketplace typically charges a preset percentage of the commission for each purchase made by the consumer. This section contains a comprehensive step-by-step explanation of how to be a Flipkart Seller.

When choosing things to sell online, you should ensure that there is already a market for the product in the business. Consider the following important elements if you have agreed to start selling online.

  • Conduct market research on the demand for your goods. This may be accomplished by conducting research on current items, determining how many reviews they have received, and estimating their sales figures.

  • If you want to make your items, locate manufacturers.

  • If you wish to resale items from other brands, contact wholesalers. Recognize their specifications and the price at which they are willing to sell it.

  • You must next add a gross profit and determine the pricing based on your expenses and other selling charges.

  • Choose items that are easy to transport and are not fragile, as they'll be distributed to several places to avoid damage during shipment.

  • A compact product requires less storage space. When space is limited, it is preferable to purchase smaller things that require less storage space.

  • Select items with a short shelf life with caution. To reduce wastage, products having a short shelf life should be sold quickly.

  • Avoid knitwear and related seasonal items if you want to see consistent sales.

Now that you've chosen the items to offer on Flipkart, you'll need to obtain Flipkart brand clearance. Let us examine how we will do it.

Why should you sell on Flipkart Selller Portal?

Without even a doubt, listing your things for sale on Flipkart seller portal increases your exposure and probability of attracting prospective buyers. Online company marketplaces are one of the several monetization methods available. To register for the marketplace, you will need a handful of the required papers. Flipkart is an ideal platform for new sellers to begin their internet-based businesses.

Flipkart seller hub has made it easier for newcomers and established merchants to sell products online. Due to the high volume of visitors on online marketplaces, you have an amazing opportunity to grow your online business. Online marketplaces allow you to sell things and then charge suppliers a small commission on each transaction you make.

The majority of us are familiar with Flipkart as an online store that sells anything we wish. We purchase our favourite items, or rather the items that initially drew our attention, from this website that offers merchandise online. However, how many of us are aware that Flipkart is more and it is an unmatched business offer.

Who is eligible to sell on Flipkart Seller Portal?

Flipkart is India's leading online marketplace. Whether you are a manufacturer, vendor, or supplier, just sell your items online on Flipkart and leverage your investment to become the finest eCommerce player. The Flipkart seller account focuses on educating and assisting sellers across India with a network of professionals who give special seller seminars, preparation, seller assistance, and a beneficial seller portal.

Additionally, it utilises third-party eCommerce Service Providers to assist with logistics, classification, product photography, and packing supplies. A Seller Protection Program is designed to protect merchants from damages by compensating them through the Seller Protection Fund (SPF). They provide Flipkart Fulfillment services that assure speedier delivery of your merchandise, professional quality control, and fantastic packaging.

Combine them with the industry's quickest payouts and an excellent seller entrance. Unsurprisingly, Flipkart is India's most popular online marketplace. It's simple and completely free to sell on Flipkart.com. All you need to do is register, list your goods, and begin selling.

So, as a Flipkart seller, we understand that you may like to be a part of this tale as well. However, many people are not comfortable with the prospect of selling online. It appears daunting, but it is not. Flipkart has gone above and beyond to gratify not only its consumers but also its merchants.

Flipkart Seller Login

With a tremendous opportunity for those who sell on Flipkart, one can easy register and login into Flipkart seller portal.

Steps To Flipkart Seller Login

  • Visit seller.flipkart.com

  • If you are already registered on Flipkart seller hub, enter your Flipkart seller login credentials to sign onto your dashboard

  • Registering on Fllipkart seller hub is easy, just enter your email id and phone number. With this you will receive an email for further instruction.

Validate your Flipkart Seller Account

The following is the procedure to take if you wish to have your business approved for sale on Flipkart.

  • Register a Flipkart Seller Account and log in with Flipkart seller login details.

  • By clicking on Listing, select 'Add New Listing.

  • By clicking on 'Browse Categories,' you may build a new catalogue.

  • Choose a product for the brand.

  • Now, click on 'Apply for Brand Approval,' and an application form will appear, requesting information about your brand's name, description, logo, website, sub-categories, manufacturer, and accessible documentation, among other things.

  • Complete the application and click 'Submit.

After submitting your brand information, you must wait for Flipkart to approve it. The listing feature allows you to monitor the approval status.

Although many find it challenging to navigate the lengthy process of Flipkart seller login, they have simplified the procedure significantly to the joy of sellers. The following are the steps to becoming a seller on Flipkart:

Establish a Legitimate Business Entity

When you complete the Flipkart seller registration procedure, you will be required to provide information and documentation about the sort of legal business entity with which you wish to register. As a result, before joining Flipkart as a seller, you must first establish a legitimate company.

There are five distinct types of business entities in India. However, Flipkart gives just four legal business registration choices in addition to trust and foundation.

Thus, these are the four classes available on Flipkart:

  • Individual or Sole Proprietorship Firm

  • Limited Liability Partnership/Partnership Firm (2 entity included in1)

  • Private Limited Company

  • Trust and Foundation

Each company entity is unique and must adhere to its own set of regulations. As a result, you must determine which one meets your criteria (excluding Trust and Foundation). If you choose the wrong structure, it might be detrimental to your firm. It was also significant in terms of the fact that the company is required to file income tax reports and yearly filings with the business registrar.

Sole Proprietorship Firm

A sole proprietorship is a business that is owned and operated by a single individual. It is common in the informal sector, particularly among dealers and merchants engaged in small-scale firms.

Benefits Of Sole Proprietorship Firm

  • There is no requirement for government registration.

  • There is no necessity for government regulatory documentation.

  • Profits are entirely retained by the proprietor.

  • There is no need for double taxes.

  • The owner's earnings are now the only taxable income.

Eligibility To Register For Sole Proprietorship Firm

  • PAN card

  • Aadhaar card

  • Registered office proof (utility bills and rental agreement)

  • Bank account

Partnership Firm

Two or more persons are involved in this business model. They manage and oversee the firm by the Partnership Deed's predefined provisions, such as obligations, duties, and profit-sharing.

Benefits Of Partnership Firm

  • Simple to begin

  • Risks are pooled between partnership

  • There is no requirement to file yearly returns with the MCA Statuary

  • The audit is superfluous

  • Shutting down is effortless

  • In a partnership business, registration is optional

Limited Liability company

In comparison to a Private Limited Company, this company form has a lower incorporation cost. Additionally, it is preferable to a Partnership Firm since tax responsibilities are split amongst the owners. Unlike other business arrangements, LLPs are not responsible for corporate debts and have a finite existence.

Benefits Of Limited Liability Company

  • Reduced administrative burden

  • Forming is effortless

  • Liabilities discharged

  • Allows for tax flexibility

  • Adhering to the company structure is not required.

  • Profit-sharing arrangements are adaptable.

Significant modifications were made to the GST for online sellers and platforms. Ecommerce platforms such as Flipkart should withhold 1% of tax received at the origin when processing payments to vendors or when remitting the same to the authorities as to the seller's GST due.

Displaying your Products On Flipkart Seller Portal

Displaying a product entails entering essential product information and also including product photos to entice people to purchase. To begin selling on Flipkart, you must have at least 1 listing.

  • To begin, you must choose the appropriate category and assign your product to it.

  • Add a description to the product. Make certain that your product descriptions are interesting since they will assist you in selling.

  • Include photos and, if required, videos. Including high-quality photos significantly improves the user experience.

  • Additionally, you may include a catalogue of all your items.

  • Verify the product's inclusion in the desired category, and you're ready to go.

Shipping Methods On Flipkart

To promote seamless product sales and an exceptional customer experience, Flipkart has made it obligatory to ship items via Flipkart logistics partners. Flipkart will remove a certain amount from the sales price in the terms of shipping costs before processing the payment.

The shipping process is classified into three phases: local, zonal, and national.

  • local:Local refers to intra-city shipments of merchandise inside the same city.

  • Zonal:This is referred to as Interzone, and items are delivered inside the zone's boundaries, which are east, west, north, and south.

  • National:This is referred to as Interzone shipping since the items are transported between zones.

Using Flipkart Seller Portal to promote your products

There are a few strategies and tactics you may use to increase the success of your Flipkart sale. Among them are the following:

  • Employ Product Listing Advertisements ( PLAS ), which will assist you in becoming one of the featured goods on specific sites.

  • Employ Product Listing Advertisements ( PLAS ), which will assist you in becoming one of the featured goods on specific sites.

  • Become a Flipkart Advantage merchant by registering. All you have to do now is stock your items on Flipkart. They will store it, package it, distribute it, and even manage returns through their warehouses.

  • Take part in flash sales. Flipkart's flash sales are well-known for attracting considerable interest, but they also require you to decrease your pricing, which may impact your profits but may result in a large number of orders.

  • Utilize Google and Facebook advertisements to provide targeted visitors to your listings. If you are unable to do it yourself, you will discover a plethora of individuals willing to do it for you at a very reasonable fee.

  • Keep an eye out for reviews. More reviews equate to increased social proof for your users. Take caution while responding to bad reviews and make an effort to persuade individuals to leave favourable ones. You can only do this by completely pleasing your consumers.

Reasons Why Seller Support on Flipkart Seller Portal Is a Significant Advantage


The Flipkart seller support service is accessible 24 hours a day to fix difficulties and respond to various inquiries. They may open a ticket on the Flipkart seller dashboard to report an issue, and the support staff will contact the seller as quickly as possible. There is also no direct contact number for Flipkart sellers.

Supporting documentation

Flipkart's Seller Support Team is helpful when it comes to onboarding sellers following registration. Sellers become perplexed while presenting vital and critical papers requested by the Flipkart team, and in this instance, the Flipkart support staff gives the finest assistance via phone calls and emails to the seller. So that the entire procedure may be completed quickly and vendors may begin listing their items on the marketplace and receiving orders.

Payment Methods

Sellers on Flipkart are not concerned with payment. If payment is placed on hold, sellers may contact the seller support staff at a certain time to resolve payment concerns.

Identifying Issues

In their Flipkart seller hub, sellers may create an unlimited number of product listings. The product detail page requires a great deal of information. If a seller is unable to comprehend specific terminology such as SKU, adding variants to a product, etc., the seller's best course of action is to search for and contact seller assistance using the search box. As a Flipkart seller, you are not responsible for product listing issues.

Support for Order Processing

You will have easy access to the Flipkart seller dashboard, which allows us to manage and handle orders. However, if we are forced to cancel a purchase due to non-availability, they can be contacted through email or phone. Additionally, customers are warned when an order will not be fulfilled by a Flipkart merchant.


Flipkart assists sellers in delivering orders on schedule, which is essential for online company success. Small sellers may improve their customers' value proposition with the "Flipkart Advantage" service, which includes a 30-day refund policy and 24-hour delivery.

Affordable Fee Structure for Startups

A fundamental challenge that all newcomers to the market face is a lack of funds. Many new vendors enter the internet market, although not all succeed due to the high fees paid by the majority of platforms. This is where Flipkart differentiates itself from the competition. It features a price structure that is determined by the regions of delivery, order value, and product aspect. They also provide a pricing calculator that allows you to estimate the price of goods, including delivery.

Now that you are aware of the requirements for becoming a seller on Flipkart, all you need is an excellent product, strong willpower, and then all the necessary documentation to begin selling on Flipkart.

Of course, along the journey, you will encounter complexities, surprises, and obstacles, but such are outside the scope of this essay. Furthermore, we are convinced that you will discover them along the route.

About Flipkart Seller Loan

The world of e-commerce has gained popularity since its inception, providing a wide range of items to its customers. The concept of digitalisation has taken away the world by storm, which is responsible for economic growth. The online market is flourishing and growing exponentially. Increased use of mobile phones is also encouraging sales in just a click, and over the years, the e-commerce industry has made shopping easy and comfortable. With the use of the latest technology, Flipkart has grown its customer base to include millions of active users.

Every online consumer has heard of Flipkart. It is an online shopping platform where you can buy products based on your preferences. Currently, Flipkart is one of the widely known and influential websites running in the digital world. From clothes, shoes, books to small accessories, stationery, electronic products, it offers almost all types of items from different categories.

Flipkart Seller Hub

Flipkart not only maintains a healthy relationship with its customers but also with its sellers. There is no denying the fact that running a business requires enough capital. If you are a businessman, there are chances that you might have faced this difficulty at some point in time. Even if you are launching a start-up, you will need funds for the business to sustain itself in the market. Flipkart seller loans help businesses to get the required loan. It doesn't matter how old your business is; as long as you are running a business, you will need capital in different sectors. Getting a loan from a reliable NBFC will help you in getting the required funds with lesser processing time.

At IndiFi, we provide loans to Flipkart sellers, and it hardly takes 10 minutes to apply. No more than a few mandatory documents are required for the processing. With the use of our smart algorithms, we check different factors in-house to decide the applicant's credibility. This helps us process the required details even when some of the applicant's essential documents or the business is not available. Let's dive deep to know more about the procedure and how it works.

Benefits of Flipkart Seller Loan

With the rise of digital trends, the e-commerce industry is on the top. People prefer buying products online rather than going outside for shopping. This phenomenon drives traffic to e-commerce websites, making it one of the highest developing industries across the world. To gain profit, you must have adequate funds ready. Let's have a look at some benefits of Flipkart seller loans.

Helps in increasing inventory- If you have extra funds in your hand, you can store the stock beforehand to complete the orders on time.

Business expansion- If you are running a business, you need employees to manage your work. You can't run your business alone. These funds can be used in expanding your business.

Product promotion- Being an online seller, promoting your products and business on social media can help a great deal and bring positive results. So, if you have enough funds to promote your business, you must do it without giving a second thought to it.

No collateral required- At IndiFi, you can go for the unsecured Flipkart seller loans. They don't demand collateral, so you can work freely and tension free.

Low-interest rates- Flipkart seller loan charges low-interest rates on returning the payment. That's something interesting and relaxing.

Customized Interest RatesStarting @1.5% PM
Processing Fees3%
Loan Tenureup to 3 years
Pre-closure ChargesNill
Eligibility Criteria> 5L Turnover in last 6 Months
Loan Amount₹ 50,000 – ₹ 2 Cr.
Business Vintage6 Months
Installments Monthly

How to Apply for the Flipkart Seller Loan?

The application process is easy and quick here. Applying for business loan at Indifi doesn't require much effort and only takes 10 minutes. You only have to provide the necessary personal and business information. At IndiFi, the process of applying is online. Everything is online from applying to disbursal; you will get the funds within 24-48 hours.

Here’s the complete procedure of applying for a loan online-

  • Submit an online application after filling in the necessary details.

  • Upload digital copies of the required documents.

  • Wait for your application and documents to be processed. An offer will be made based on your application.

  • Once you accept the proposal, your loan is approved.

  • The amount is disbursed in the final stage.

Eligibility Criteria for applying for a Flipkart seller loan

  • The merchant age should be a minimum of 22 years.

  • You can avail of an instant business loan from a minimum INR 50k to a maximum of 1 Crores with minimum documentation.

  • The minimum average monthly payout has to be >10K.

  • The business must have completed at least 6 months.

Documents required for availing Flipkart seller loan

  • Pan Card of the merchant and the firm

  • Address proofs of merchants and the firm

  • Business registration proof

  • Bank statement of the firm for the last six months

  • In the case of a business loan of more than 15 lacs, it is compulsory to show the recent ITR.

So by now, you must have received enough information on how you can obtain the loan from IndiFi. The process of getting a loan from a trusted NBFC like IndiFi is simple and faster than many other methods. This is made possible with the use of special algorithms that get your credit score records, the reliability of your company, previous year financial statements, and the applicants' market reputation.

If you apply for the loan online, you will get it instantly within 48 hours of filling it. Every business (be it online or offline) requires funds, and it is an essential pillar in the business's success. It gets all sorts of work done. Now when you have easy options, why procure a loan from banks. Obtaining a loan from IndiFi is easy and fast. At IndiFi, we believe that every seller must have funds beforehand as you never know how useful they can be at times. We primarily work on the agenda to provide the best service to the sellers, and they can choose the easiest loan option so that they can focus on their business expansion and work freely. This also frees them from tension about the payment that they have to return. If you are in need of a loan, get it from us at the earliest and lead a tension free life.

FAQ Related Flipkart Seller & Flipkart Seller Loan

  1. How can I become a seller on Flipkart Seller Portal?
  2. To sell things on Flipkart, you must first register. Before registering, you must establish a company, obtain a PAN and GST registration, and open a bank account. Additionally, have your address and photo identification on hand.

  3. What is the minimum quantity of a product that may be sold on Flipkart?
  4. Flipkart's goods selling platform is exceptionally user-friendly. Once all relevant papers have been confirmed, and the seller profile has been validated as complete, the seller may begin listing and selling their items. To begin selling on Flipkart, however, one must make a least of just one listing for unique items. Although there are no specific limits on Flipkart, it is recommended to offer at least 5 amounts of each product to have a better insight of sales.

  5. What is the optimal selling price for Flipkart?
  6. As a Seller, you have complete control over the price of your goods. However, ensure that you can strike a fair deal with your suppliers so that your rates are competitive and not much higher than those of other merchants. If you sell something that is one-of-a-kind and in high demand, you can charge a premium. A little research is required to determine the price range supplied by other sellers in the category in which you intend to operate.

  7. Can I sell on Flipkart Seller Portal without GST?
  8. All online retailers who sell taxable products must get a GST number. The rules are rigorous, and you must not sell if you do not follow them. If you are caught, the penalty is severe. Additionally, Flipkart will not allow you to enrol as a seller without even a GST number if you want to offer taxable goods.

  9. What are the fees associated with being a seller on Flipkart?
  10. Registration as a seller on Flipkart is free. You are only charged a fee/commission on goods sales.

  11. Who can procure the Flipkart seller loan?
  12. Anyone who runs a business or sells products and business people who need funds can get the loan given that they fulfil the eligibility criteria and are associated with Flipkart.

  13. What are the three types of loans?
  14. There are three types of loans that you can avail of. First is the short term loan, which need to be paid back within/before one year. The second is an intermediate loan in which the payment is made between 1-3 years, and the last one is long term loans. In long term loan, you can take over three and up to 30 years for repayment. The interest rate may differ from one another.

  15. How much time does it take to get a Flipkart seller loan online?
  16. Unlike banks, you can avail the loan much faster online if procuring it from IndiFi. The whole verification process is online, and there is not much required from your side. The only reason why people opt for this option is that it is a hassle-free and smooth procedure. You only have to provide them with the required documents at the time of your application. After the completion of your verification process, the loan will be sanctioned.

  17. Is there any specific time to avail of the Flipkart seller loans?
  18. There is no specific time as such. As we work online, the loans are given throughout the year. We take care of our customers and make sure our customers stay happy. So apply anytime, and we will get back to it in some time.

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Applying is quick and easy and typically takes less than 10 minutes. We ask for basic information about you and your business. Securely connect your bank information so we can assess your business without long forms, waiting in line or having to dig up old paperwork. Your association with business services who we have partnered with helps get you more fitting loans.


We need your

  1. Pan Card
  2. Aadhaar Card
  3. Address proof of self and firm
  4. Business registration proof
  5. Bank Statement last 6 months.
    In case of loan more than 15 lacs, latest ITR


When asked, most business owners shared that access to capital is the single biggest roadblock to growing their businesses. With more cash flow, these businesses can hire new employees, purchase more inventory, take more orders, upgrade equipment and boost their marketing efforts.