Know more about Invoice Discounting

Invoice discounting is an alternative to traditional business loans which gives you instant access to cash locked up in your outstanding invoices. You don't have to wait to get paid by your clients - you can instead get money immediately against your invoices through Indifi's invoice discounting facility. This is much more flexible than term loans or overdrafts, and is an excellent solution - whether to improve cash flows, manage late payments, or keep up with seasonal demand.

Upto 1 Cr

Get an invoice discounting
line up to INR 1 cr.

Upto 90%*

Upto 90%* of invoice value paid upfront

Easy Repayment

Repay only when the buyer pays

Get Instant Funds against your Unpaid Invoices

As one of the leading invoice discounting companies in India, we help businesses acquire invoice discounting facility in the most convenient and time-efficient manner. Invoice discounting is an excellent alternative to overdraft loan or term loan as it allows you to get liquidity instantly against your unprocessed invoices.Rather than waiting for your client to clear the invoice, you can borrow money and then repay the same when your client pays you- simple and convenient!

How Does Invoice Discounting In India Work?

With our invoice discounting facility, when you raise an invoice to your client, you can share the same with us. On the basis of the invoice, you can get up to 90% of the value of the invoice immediately. When your client clears your invoice, you can repay the borrowed amount to us. With no collateral requirement and no prepayment penalty, our invoice discounting facility offers a host of benefits.

Enjoy Transparent Loan Process At Invoice Discounting Companies In India

There are several reasons for which a business might need instant cash. Be it improving cash flow, managing seasonal demand, or paying salary of your employees, invoice discounting in India can be a great alternative to other types of business loans. With Indifi, you can avail invoice discounting line of up to Rs. 1 crore within 24 hours which you can easily repay when your client pays you. With a transparent loan process and no hidden charges, you are sure to experience utmost convenient with our invoice discounting facility. Get in touch with us to realize the hidden potential of your invoices