Line of Credit

Get easy loan. Once approved, use as per your need and
pay only for what you use

Features & Benfits Of Line Of Credit

Line of Credit or overdraft facility is best suited for frequent cash inflow. Businesses typically need money to avail cash discounts by paying upfront or on time, extend credit to customers, pay off vendors or meet seasonal demands. Unsecured Line of Credit Loans from Indifi are the best solutions for these needs.

Upto 50 Lacs

Get loan upto 50 Lacs
depending upon the need

1.5% Per Month

Get amazingly low interest rate starting from 1.5% per month

One Approval

One time approval for usage upto 12 months

Always Balanced

Pay for as much as you use

2% Fees

We only charge 2% processing fee

How To Avail Overdraft Facility

MSMEs that meet the following criteria are eligible for ‘Line of Credit’

Eligibility For Overdraft Facility

  • Minimum operational history of 2 years
  • Promoter age >24 years
  • 2 years ITR for >10 lacs
  • VAT returns for the last 12 months

Required Documents For Overdraft Facility

  • Business Registration Proof
  • KYC documents of the applicant and the organisation
  • Bank statement for the last 6 months
  • Pan Card of the promoter
  • Aadhaar Card of the promoter

Unsecured Overdraft Loan Within 24 Hours For Small Businesses

Credit Line, also known as overdraft facility, is highly recommended for businesses that need regular cash inflow. Businesses regularly need money to manage a host of activities like offering credit to their customers, avail discounts when they pay on time or upfront, meet seasonal business needs, or pay their vendors. An unsecured business line of credit loans is a perfect way to keep up with such expenses. We manage complete customer lifecycle for the loan process and get loan offers from several top lenders in India to make sure that you get the best deal along with the ability to pick a favorable repayment mode and tenure. Once approved, the loan facility can be used for up to 12 months.

Manage Your Business Expenses With Unsecured Working Capital Loan

We have revolutionized the whole process of acquiring overdraft loan and have made it simple and quick. You can apply for the loan online for up to Rs. 50 lacs and get it approved within 24 hours. Be it an expected or an unexpected business expense, you can always rely on Indifi to help you find the best-unsecured business loans. Once the loan is processed, you can use the money as per your requirement and only pay for what you use. We charge a minimum processing fee to make sure that the working capital loan is not just convenient and valuable but affordable too.

Choose The Best Overdraft Loan For SMEs

We understand that the financial needs of every business are different. As a result, we offer a customized unsecured line of credit loans which are tailor-made as per many different business sectors and SMEs. With a highly competitive interest rate and flexible tenure and repayment schedule, you are sure to experience loans in a modern and more effective way with Indifi. Apply for a working capital loan and know about our offerings in detail!

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