We at Indifi Technologies Private Limited (“Indifi”) caution the members of the public and our users not to fall prey to fictitious offers and or unsolicited phone calls or emails where some people are impersonating Indifi and offering jobs, asking for financial information or any other type of personal information.

It has been observed that fraudsters have resorted to defraud the susceptible public by convincing them over a phone call to divulge details of the debit/credit card or their bank account information in order to commit cybercrimes. Recipients of such communication fall prey to frauds or scams perpetrated by individuals who impersonate to be employees of various financial institution and end up compromising their confidential information and that which is later on used by such fraudsters on e-commerce and m-commerce platforms.

In case you fall prey to such fraud or scam, kindly write to us at in order to report the same to avoid further loss. Indifi has implemented a highly secured environment in order to avoid and check fraudulent transactions – however, it is important for our users to ensure that they exercise caution and refrain from compromising sensitive and personal information.