Get a working capital business loan in Mumbai with optimal loan amount and minimal documentation on the lowest rates of interest.

Upto 1 Crores

Get loan upto 1 Crores
depending upon the need

1.5% Per Month

Get amazingly low interest rate starting from 1.5% per month

3% Fees

We charge processing fee starting at 3%

36 Months

Get a loan with a tenure of upto 36 months

Business Loan Eligibility

  • Minimum operational history of 1 years
  • Promoter age 22 and above

Required Business Loan Documents

  • KYC documents of the entity & promoters
  • Bank statement for the last 6 months
  • ITR required for annual turnover > Rs.5 Crores

Online Business Loan From NBFC In Mumbai

The colourful environment of Mumbai makes it the most favourable business places in India for any industry. The fast-paced life of the locals reflects the number of opportunities available for growth in the city. In addition to this, Mumbai is always flooded with talented people who are ready to contribute to the success of your company. Indifi helps you in setting a strong foothold in the industry by providing a business loan in Mumbai for managing your manpower, starting a new project, or getting some advanced machineries. Nothing can stop you from growing with Indifi.

Features and Benefits Of Business Loan In Mumbai

  • Unsecured Loan
  • Indifi gives you the chance to get a collateral-free unsecured business loan in Mumbai. An unsecured or collateral-free loan requires no guarantee for processing the loan.

  • Quick and Convenient Process
  • Through the online process of application and disbursal, Indifi presents a comfortable and quick way of getting a business loan in Mumbai for its borrowers. The online portal is quick and easy to use so that you can send the application for your loan from anywhere at any time.

  • No Hidden Charges
  • Indifi operates in a completely transparent way. Every detail about the deductions and the additional charges will be provided to you by our team before you apply for a business loan in Mumbai.

  • Multiple types of loans
  • Not just one, Indifi gives you the chance to apply for different types of loans like a short term loan, invoice discounting, merchant cash advance, credit lines, and term loans. Depending on your requirements, our consultants will help in designing specially customized loans at low-interest rates to satisfy your monetary needs when you apply for a business loan in Mumbai.

  • Low-Interest Rates
  • Indifi ensures that you get your loan in the lowest possible interest rates by matching your requirements with multiple partners and lenders.

Documents Required For Business Loan In Mumbai

  • PAN Card of business promoter/s must submit their PAN cards with the application.

  • Address of proof of business promoter/s must submit their respective address proofs along with the address proof of the company.

  • Proof of Business Registration

  • Latest ITR (if the loan amount exceed INR 15 lakh)

  • Company’s Bank statement for the past 6 months

Factors Affecting Your Interest Rate

  • Nature of Business
  • The kind of business your company does decide its interest rates when you apply for a business loan in Mumbai. You should ensure that your company is whitelisted in the market and it has a good reputation.

  • Annual Turnover
  • Annual turnover is the most important deciding factor for the lender. For companies that apply for a business loan in Mumbai and have a high turnover, the rate of interest will be lower than compared to the companies with poor turnover.

  • Good Relationship
  • If you have a good and constant relationship with Indifi, the lenders can reduce the rate of interest, based on the trust factor.

Why Choose an Unsecured Business Loan?

  • Instant Sanction
  • Unsecured or collateral-free business loan in Mumbai is sanctioned at a faster pace of time than the secured loans that need collaterals. Indifi quickly processes your application on receiving it. It uses modern algorithms to check and verify your creditworthiness.

  • Flexible Terms
  • The terms of repayment are flexible when you choose an unsecured business loan in Mumbai. Depending on the options provided by the lender, you can select the most convenient period of repayment for your loan.

  • Customized Solutions
  • One size fits all isn’t applicable in any industry, and so is the case with loans. Indifi analyses your requirements and builds a customized solution for your company.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why should I choose Indifi for getting a business loan in Mumbai?
  2. Indifi provides one of the quickest business loans in Mumbai to meet your urgent financial requirements. Our team updates regarding the status of your application at every stage and works with multiple lenders to meet your customized financial needs to ensure that you get the best of the services instantly.

  3. Am I eligible for getting a business loan in Mumbai?
  4. You are eligible for getting a business loan in Mumbai if you meet the following terms.

    • Your business should have at least completed 1 years of operation

    • Annual banking credit must be at least Rs.5 lakh

    • Your business or house should be self-owned

    • Previous year’s ITR must be of more than INR 1.5 lakh.

  5. How long does it take to get a loan?
  6. Indifi sanctions your loan within 3 days of receiving the application. However, this process also depends on the amount of the loan. It would take more time to process a loan of more than INR 50 lakh.

  7. How can I get a business loan in Mumbai without collateral?
  8. Indifi allows you to borrow money without worrying about arranging for collateral. We sanction your unsecured business loan in Mumbai almost immediately to ensure the proper working of your company.

  9. Can I change the structure of my repayment?
  10. Yes. Indifi gives you the liberty of choosing the repayment structure. You can choose from the weekly and monthly options depending on your convenience.

  11. Is the CIBIL score important?
  12. Yes, the CIBIL score is important, but it is not the only basis of analysing the credibility before sanctioning your business loan in Mumbai. Indifi uses advanced algorithms to analyse your creditworthiness by checking the past performance of your company. It creates insights and collects information regarding your company from different sources to help us in clearing your application as soon as possible.

  13. What is the maximum limit of business loan in Mumbai?
  14. You can get a maximum loan of INR 1 crore through Indifi for your business.

  15. Should my business have a minimum turnover as an eligibility criterion for the loan?
  16. Yes. Your business must at least have a turnover of INR 50,000 in the last year to be eligible for a business loan in Mumbai.

  17. Can I check the status of my loan application?
  18. Yes. Indifi will always keep you updated at every stage of your application’s processing.

  19. Is the application process online or offline?
  20. Indifi gives you the convenience of applying for a business loan in Mumbai from the convenience of your home as the facility is provided online only.

Frequently Asked Questions


Applying is quick and easy and typically takes less than 10 minutes. We ask for basic information about you and your business. Securely connect your bank information so we can assess your business without long forms, waiting in line or having to dig up old paperwork. Your association with business services who we have partnered with helps get you more fitting loans.


We need your

  1. Pan Card
  2. Aadhaar Card
  3. Address proof of self and firm
  4. Business registration proof
  5. Bank Statement last 6 months.
    In case of loan more than 15 lacs, latest ITR


When asked, most business owners shared that access to capital is the single biggest roadblock to growing their businesses. With more cash flow, these businesses can hire new employees, purchase more inventory, take more orders, upgrade equipment and boost their marketing efforts.