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In 1972, the Government of India introduced a concept called PAN, which established a unique identity for each tax-paying individual. Before PAN, the notion of GIR was introduced, but it was not effective due to it being manual. Conversely, PAN gained popularity originally as a semi-electronic network and then as a fully online network for its reach and feasibility.The PAN was made mandatory under Section 139A of the India Tax Act, 1961.

What is PAN?

A PAN is a 10-digit identifying number issued by the Indian government. Each individual's 10-digit code is alpha-numeric and unique. Every taxpayer is required to have a PAN card.

However, have you ever considered what would happen if you lost your PAN Card and required the number for a certain purpose? For you to know your PAN, the Income Tax Department has offered an alternate method where you can enter your basic details, and you can easily get your PAN details.

Here are some sections which cover different aspects related to PAN

Know Your PAN Card Number by Name

There is a new way available for PAN cardholders to know their PAN number by name and date of birth (DOB), which can easily determine your PAN. The following is the procedure for obtaining the PAN:

  • Navigate to the Income Tax E-Filing website at

  • On the left side of the page, click on "Know Your PAN."

  • After that, input your complete information, including your name, date of birth, and mobile number.

  • An OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number associated with your PAN.

  • Enter the OTP and click "Validate" to continue the process.

  • Now enter the name of your father and click the "Submit" button.

You will obtain the following information by entering the correct details:

  • Your PAN card number

  • Your Initials

  • Middle initial

  • Your given name

  • Jurisdiction

  • The card's current state of activity or inactivity

Steps To Check PAN Card Status On NSDL

The NSDL portal enables you to track the status of your PAN application as early as 24 hours after it is filed using either the acknowledgment number provided or your name and DOB. PAN Card status on NSDL:

  • Log in to the NSDL Portal and navigate to the NSDL PAN/TAN Application Status Page.

  • From the drop-down menu, select your Application Type: PAN: Request for New/Change.

  • Input the 15-digit acknowledgment number or select the option for Name and enter your name and DOB/company incorporation date/association formation date.

  • To obtain the status of your application, click Submit.

How to Make Corrections On a PAN Card?

With the PAN card being one of the most vital documents, it is critical for the applicant to carefully fill out the PAN card application form to avoid errors. However, even when measures are taken, a few errors occur.

Let us begin by discussing the most typical problems that arise when PAN card details are filled in the form:

Signature Is Incorrect

The applicant's signature is a required field on the majority of application forms. The applicant must sign the PAN card application form twice: once across the photo and once in the space provided underneath. If the candidate signs anyplace other than these two designated locations, an error may occur that must be corrected.

Signing With a Color Other Than Black Ink

The applicant should sign the PAN card application form in black ink. Yet, only a few adhere to this guideline and instead use other ink colors, primarily blue. To avoid delays in acquiring a PAN card, it is critical to follow the requirements and sign only in black ink.

Utilization of Initials

Many individuals have initials in their given names, for example, KL Kumar or CK Sharma. They make the error of using initials on the application form; thus, it is appropriate to use full names instead as the Income Tax Department does not accept initials.

Photographs Scanned

As is the case with the majority of forms, a PAN card application form requires two passport-sized photographs. However, one common error is attaching scanned versions of the photographs. The scanned documents may be incorrect as they may not be clear, thus making the identification of the application arduous. Hence, the original images are recommended solely for the PAN card form.

It is always prudent to verify the data entered into the form. Online PAN card details rectification may also be necessary for the event of an illegible photograph or signature. Now, let us explain how to rectify incorrect information on your PAN card.

You can correct incorrect information on your PAN card online using the PAN card correction form (Form 49A), which is easily accessible on the UTIITSL or NSDL websites.

Steps To Be Followed To Make Corrections in PAN Card

  • To begin, navigate to the NSDL or UTIITSL websites. Here are the actions to take:

  • Once the website has been opened, click on Changes or Corrections to Existing PAN Data/PAN Card Reprint. After entering the given information, submit the captcha code.

  • Make sure you select the checkbox next to the parameters that you wish to change.

  • For example, if you are changing how your name is spelt, enter the correct spelling, and select the checkbox on the left margin.

  • After this, you must select one of the documents you wish to submit. You may submit documents via e-KYC if you choose; however, an Aadhaar card will be required.

  • The following step will allow you to pay the rectification charge using the PAN card. The choice to make a ₹120 deposit will be regarded as a cost. If agreed, click to pay.Now, you must click the Proceed button.

  • Now, you must click the Proceed button.

  • At this juncture, your repair form reaches the final stage of submission. Before submission, an OTP will be sent to your mobile number, which you must enter and submit.

  • A PDF version of your PAN card repair form will now appear in front of you. It is available for download.

Documents Required At The Time Of Applying

Hindu Undivided Families and Individuals are required to provide proofs of identity, DOB, and address when applying for a PAN card.

Valid Proof of Identity Documents Required for PAN

  • Aadhaar card

  • Driving license

  • Passport

  • Aadhaar card

  • Birth certificate issued by the municipal authority

  • Matriculation certificate

  • Mark sheet of recognized board

  • An affidavit is sworn before a magistrate stating the DOB

  • The Central Government/Central Public Sector Undertaking/State Government/State Public Sector Undertaking-issued photo identity card

  • Domicile certificate issued by the government

  • Central Government Health Service Scheme or Ex-servicemen Contributory Health Scheme photo card

  • Pension payment order

Valid Proof of Address Documents Required for PAN

  • Aadhaar card

  • Voter ID or Election card

  • Driving license

  • Passport

  • Passport of spouse (husband/wife)

  • Electricity bill (less than three months old)

  • Landline telephone or broadband connection bill (less than three months old)

  • Water bill (less than three months old

  • Consumer gas connection card or book or piped gas bill (less than three months old)

  • Bank account statement (less than three months old)

  • Depository account statement (less than three months old)

  • Credit card statement (less than three months old)

  • Post Office passbook with the applicant’s address

  • Most recent property tax assessment order

  • Government-issued domicile certificate

  • Allotment letter of accommodation issued by the Central Government/State Government of not more than three years ol

  • Property Registration document

  • Employer certificate in original

  • A gazetted officer-signed original certificate of identity

  • A member of Parliament-signed original certificate of identity

  • A member of Legislative Assembly-signed original certificate of identity

  • A municipal councilor-signed original certificate of identity

Frequently Asked Questions About PAN

  1. How long does it typically take for the Income Tax Department to issue a PAN card?

  2. Previously, the process took up to 15–20 days. However, thanks to advancements in technology, you can now have your PAN card within 48 hours of filing your application.

  3. Is it permissible for me to carry two PAN cards?

  4. No, this is a violation of the Indian Income Tax Act. Individuals are not permitted to own more than one PAN card. If an individual is caught possessing more than one PAN card, he or she faces a penalty of approximately Rs. 10,000.

  5. Is there an age restriction on applying for a PAN card?

  6. There is no minimum age restriction for obtaining a PAN card. Individuals over the age of 18 are preferred. Minors must have their parents/guardians apply on their behalf.

  7. What is the minimum number of photos required for the PAN application form?

  8. Two photos are required if the applicant is an individual. You must ensure that your face is prominently displayed in the images. Photographs should be protected from any sort of damage. Additionally, one of the images should be cross-signed.

  9. Am I eligible to apply for an e-PAN card?

  10. According to the most recent changes, the Income Tax agency has launched a new project called “e-PAN card,” through which anyone can apply for an e-PAN card. The e-PAN card is a PDF version of the PAN that is emailed to your registered email address on the same day as your application is approved by NSDL. Aadhaar is a requirement to use this service.

  11. Can I still apply for a new PAN card if I already have one?

  12. The Income Tax Act prohibits the possession of two PAN cards. Hence, if you currently possess a PAN card, no new application is required. However, if you are looking for changes in your PAN card details, you can file a correction using the procedure outlined in this blog.

  13. Why is PAN required?

  14. Without your PAN, you will be unable to file your ITR. Additionally, PAN is required for cash transactions exceeding Rs. 50,000.

  15. How to determine the date of issue of your PAN Card?

  16. The date of issuance of the PAN card is irrelevant to any verification process. However, from an information standpoint, one must be aware of the precise location of the PAN issue date on the card; it is located vertically on the PAN card's right bottom side.

  17. Is it possible to download my PAN Card?

  18. Yes, using the NSDL portal, you can obtain a soft copy, i.e., an e-PAN card. You can visit the NSDL webpage and get the card using your acknowledgment number and DOB.

  19. Is it necessary to link pan with Aadhar?

  20. The government in the Union Budget 2017 had introduced a law making it mandatory for every individual having a PAN to link with their Aadhaar number.

Frequently Asked Questions


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