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Hotel Loan

Whether you've been running a hotel for years and want to expand, you just want to start your hotel. If you answered yes, the process may not be as simple as it appears. In this aspect, there haven’t been established criteria or standards. Certain Banks make checklists available; however, they are extremely extensive.

Different Types of Hotel Loans

You can obtain a loan in the form of a cash credit/term loan, a letter credit/bank guarantee, or a combination of these. It is contingent upon your ability to repay or meet your necessities. A few banks operate under alternative terms.

As a manager, before you begin hotel construction or finance it with a hotel loan, ensure that you grasp the credit and debit functioning standards. The following is a list of the many forms of hotel loans:

  1. Loan Refinancing to Reduce the Obligation

  2. Assume that the cash flow of the hotel and restaurant company falls short of the repayment schedule, making it impossible to repay the loan on time. Hotel firms may refinance their current loans in these scenarios by taking them over for a longer-term (10–15 years) at a cheaper interest rate.

  3. Consolidation of Multiple Hotel Loans

  4. If the business currently has many loans (project loans, machinery loans, or unsecured loans), consolidating them into a single loan is the best option. Additionally, it will make it simpler for you to repay the loan.

    Additionally, hotels, restaurants, and motels will save money on interest due to this consolidation. This form of loan consolidation takes between 15 and 30 working days.

  5. Unsecured Loans

  6. Select a bank that provides unsecured business loans to hotels without requiring collateral. Government loans for hotel businesses should start at around Rs. 25 lakhs and go up to Rs. 3 crores. These funds are available to meet any business requirement and are only accessible to firms that have been in operation for a minimum of three years. These secured loans typically take between five and ten business days to process. Additionally, this information will vary per bank.

Steps To Consider Before Applying For A Hotel Loan

  1. Become familiar with your requirements
  2. Understanding why you want to fund toward obtaining a hotel business loan. Evaluate your alternatives, your financial situation, and the area where you are an expert in the hotel line. Business loans can be used for various purposes, including restoration, refurbishment, and equipment financing. Determine your objectives so that you can weigh your alternatives appropriately.

  3. Select the appropriate lender
  4. Several financial organizations and lenders offer hotel loans. You must select the appropriate lender to obtain the loan you require. The following are a few of your options:

    • Bank:
    • It is the recommended method of payment. Banks often provide the most competitive interest rates and flexible repayment arrangements. It is the source of financing for a hotel. However, if you want an asset-free loan, this may not be the best option.

    • Micro-lenders:
    • These are lenders that provide tiny, short-term loans to individuals. It is the route to take if you cannot obtain a standard bank loan due to a variety of factors. Getting a loan from the bank may take some time. Nonetheless, it is a viable alternative for small enterprises without a track record of operations or assets to receive a loan.

    • Online lenders:
    • Online lenders like NBFCs are popular with customers who want hotel loans quickly. They expeditiously process applications and disburse funds within 24 hours. However, interest rates may be greater than those offered by traditional lenders.

  5. Consider your options
  6. Understand the different loan options available. It enables you to choose the loan which will meet your needs. Several of your alternatives are shown below:

    • Term loan:
    • As the name suggests, this is a loan that is only available for a set amount of time. It's a one-time loan that's suited to your requirements. The loan might be secured (backed by your assets) or unsecured (not backed by your assets) (without submitting any security). It can also be classified as long-term or short-term. To obtain a long-term loan, you must pay a lower interest rate.

    • Invoice discounting:
    • It is a short-term loan instrument that helps businesses plan their operating cash flow. You have a few customers that buy in bulk from you. They occasionally want more time to pay. In addition, you'll need money to run your business. In this instance, invoice discounting can be a good option. In this situation, you sell your invoice to a lender for less than the amount shown on the invoice. The lender buys it and compensates you, allowing you to keep running your business. You promptly reimburse the loan in full after the customer makes the payment.

    • Credit line:
    • It is a legally binding agreement between you and the lender. You and the lender agree on a maximum amount of money you can borrow, and the lender agrees to let you borrow up to that amount. In terms of pay-out durations, this choice offers the most flexibility. Interest rates, on the other hand, may rise. You don't know when you'll need to use your credit card. You can, however, borrow again after your current debt has been paid off.

      It is a legally binding agreement between you and the lender. You and the lender agree on a maximum amount of money you can borrow, and the lender agrees to let you borrow up to that amount. In terms of pay-out durations, this choice offers the most flexibility. Interest rates, on the other hand, may rise. You don't know when you'll need to use your credit card. You can, however, borrow again after your current debt has been paid off.

    • Merchant cash advance:
    • In this case, you receive an advance based on credit card sales. It is possibly the quickest method of obtaining operating cash for your organization.

  7. Verify your eligibility
  8. Eligibility requirements vary by company. However, the following broad requirements are provided:

    • Your age must be 22 and above.

    • Your firm should have been in operation for at least one year.

    • It should have filed at least one year's tax return.

  9. Be aware of the processing and closing fees.
  10. This, too, differs according to the banking institution selected. To learn more about this, contact your lender. Additionally, be sure to verify interest rates and payback conditions.

  11. Make an application for hotel business financing.
  12. The following step is to apply. It's possible to do so online or offline. Applying online is advised.

    • Additionally, the process is quick and simple.

    • Almost all financial institutions provide a variety of flexible terms and cheap interest rates to attract entrepreneurs.

    • Ascertain that you are submitting your application through the lender's official portal.

  13. Required documentation
  14. The following table summarizes the paperwork that is required to apply for a Hotel Loan: Photographs: Two copies; passport-sized

    • ID proof:Aadhar card, driving license, Voter’s ID, passport, PAN card

    • Proof of address:PAN card, post-paid phone bill, passport, Aadhar card

    • Proof of age: PAN card, passport

    • Bank statements: For six months

    • Income proof: Tax returns, salary slips

    • Proof of signature: PAN card, passport, Signature verified by your bank

    • Proof of IFSC code: Canceled checks, copy of the bank passbook’s front page

How can I apply online for a hotel loan?

Applying for a hotel business loan does not require much paperwork, and the application procedure is often straightforward and painless. The procedure is as follows:

  • Apply for the loan online:
  • Regardless of the sort of loan you choose, the procedure cannot begin without first completing the loan application. Visit the bank's official website, complete the application's essential information, and submit it.

  • Submit the required documentation:
  • You must submit all the necessary paperwork, including the owner's identification, your hotel's revenue, and a few more documents requested by the bank (which may vary). Most significantly, you do not have to upload many papers, which keeps the processing time short.

  • Disbursement of loan proceeds:
  • A hotel loan application is reviewed within one day and within a few hours in certain circumstances. Following approval, you must wait 72 hours to disburse the loan.

What does a hotel business loan entail?

The primary goal of a hotel loan is to help you establish your presence in the hospitality industry. These loans come in various forms, depending on their size and structure. There are several sorts of hotel loans, and by weighing the advantages and disadvantages, you can pick the finest one.

Frequently Asked Questions


Applying is quick and easy and typically takes less than 10 minutes. We ask for basic information about you and your business. Securely connect your bank information so we can assess your business without long forms, waiting in line or having to dig up old paperwork. Your association with business services who we have partnered with helps get you more fitting loans.


We need your

  1. Pan Card
  2. Aadhaar Card
  3. Address proof of self and firm
  4. Business registration proof
  5. Bank Statement last 6 months.
    In case of loan more than 15 lacs, latest ITR


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