Top 3 Trends that are Changing the Face of the Retail Industry in India

The retail industry in India is one of the fastest growing industries in the whole world.

In fact, retail accounts for nearly 10% of the nation’s GDP and employs over 8% of the workforce.

India has witnessed a dramatic shopping revolution, ever since the country was opened to globalization.

Recent Trends in Retail Industry In India

The retail mix in India today ranges from the conventional neighborhood Kirana stores to supermarkets, and multi-storeyed luxurious shopping malls.

This retail revolution isn’t limited to the metros but has progressed into the hinterlands of the country, and even Tier-II and Tier-III cities have embraced it. Rapid urbanizations, expanding disposable incomes, and the millennial earning potential are just a few factors that have propelled dynamic growth in the Indian retail sector.

The Flipside — The Myriad Challenges

With that said, the retail industry in India is mainly unorganised with a vast majority of retailers operating in small areas lesser than 500 sq.ft. For the rest of today’s article, let’s shed light on the challenges faced by Indian retailers and smart ways to overcome them.

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Here’s a look at the Latest Trends in Retail and ways in which Brick and Mortar Stores can Keep up

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Experiential Retailing — Customers are looking for a Unique, Fulfilling Shopping Experience

Shopping is indeed fun, and that’s why it’s called Retail Therapy. Today’s new-age customers with a generous disposable income aren’t concerned much about prices, unlike their previous generation. More than prices, they are looking for stores that offer them the ultimate shopping experience.

This is why Steve Jobs spent so much of his time and smarts on designing Perfect physical stores for his brand. Retailers today have to provide myriad other services to customers apart from selling the products on their shelf.

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Adding a small beverage bar, providing in-house customization of products, and designing outlets that are aesthetically pleasing as well as functional are small ways to make your brick and mortar store stand apart from the rest.

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Inventory Management Integrated with Technology

Inventory management is one of the most challenging aspects of retail. Should you stock only products from a particular brand or several leading brands? What about the not-so-popular goods? Should you skip them and play it safe?

These are just a few of the difficult questions of inventory management. Retailers must invest in the right software tools and IT infrastructure to take inventory management to the next level. Make use of big data to know more about your customers and provide them with the best experience.

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Visual Display & Digital Marketing

A large part of retail business depends on the right style of merchandise display. As a retailer, your job doesn’t end with just displaying products on shelves. Instead, you have to present it appealingly so that customers are enticed to buy.

Invest in the right display shelves and racks for your business. Add trial rooms and the right chairs and furniture, so that any customer who enters the store feels at his/her best.

Additionally, you have to promote your store online. This way, you reach out to all customers in your area, thereby racing ahead of your local and global competitors.

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The Significance of Retail Trends In India

As crucial indicators guiding businesses on where to direct their attention and investments. Understanding and keeping abreast of these trends is essential for staying competitive and relevant in the dynamic landscape of the retail industry.

Strategically Informing Your Business Approach

For retail enterprises, staying attuned to the dynamic landscape of their industry and market is imperative. Vigilantly tracking retail trends ensures that you are well-informed about current and future developments.

Understanding the prevailing and upcoming market trends enables you to proactively address them. Notably, the surge in online shopping in recent years is undeniable, with 58.4% of global Internet users making weekly online purchases in 2022. Remarkably, 30.6% of these transactions occurred through mobile devices.

A key takeaway from this trend is that if your business lacks a mobile-friendly ecommerce store and isn’t engaged in social selling, you might already be trailing behind industry counterparts.

By staying abreast of trends, you position your business to incorporate them into your social media marketing strategies for retail brands, ensuring you stay ahead in the evolving retail landscape.

Be Prepared for Customer Changes

Customer expectations are changing, and how you interact with them next year will differ from last year. New competitors are finding innovative ways to meet these evolving needs in your industry.

Retail trends help you understand customer needs, preferences, and expectations. They also help you observe how your competitors are tackling these challenges. This knowledge allows you to adjust your strategy to meet new demands as they arise.

Seize New Opportunities in Retail

Stay ahead by leveraging retail trends to spot and act on emerging opportunities.

By understanding the direction of retail, you can:

  • Explore new market segments
  • Introduce fresh sales and marketing channels
  • Offer new products and services
  • Provide novel experiences for your customers

While pursuing these opportunities may involve substantial investments, strong signals from the market are essential for justification. Retail trends serve as a valuable source of these signals.

Early identification of opportunities puts you a step ahead of competitors, paving the way for expansion and dominance in new market segments or geographical areas.

Step it Up

The retail industry in India is on the cusp of a major transformation. With the onslaught of online shopping, retailers have to be on their feet and come up with innovative strategies to stay ahead. Don’t lose out steam, just because you don’t have the requisite capital. Avail the right business loan uniquely designed for retail business from Indifi and forge ahead, while boosting revenues and your store value.

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