People are preferring to buy online in this new era of digital India. And it is very beneficial for both the seller and the buyer. In a country with over a billion buyers, sellers have a variety of buyers to sell their products to. Also, we live in a country that is rich in culture. Thus, we get to celebrate many festivals.

flipkart wholesale seller

Festivals themselves open up a big market. So, if you’re also thinking of tying up with Flipkart and taking advantage of the festive season, then continue reading this article. Because in this article we will tell you how you can also become a Flipkart Wholesale Seller. In this article, you will get to know the entire process of becoming a seller on Flipkart and how to avail Flipkart seller loan from. 

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How to create a Flipkart Seller Account?

Here are few steps to create Flipkart seller account:-

  • Visit the Flipkart Seller Homepage: Visit and click “Start Selling.”
  • Register your account: Provide basic business information, such as your name, contact information, and GSTIN.
  • Pickup address: Please specify a location where Flipkart can pick up your products for fulfillment.
  • List your first product. To complete the registration process, include at least one unique effect in your virtual catalogue.

Benefits Of Choosing Flipkart Wholesale Membership

  • Earn more while saving more

Flipkart’s B2B model enriches vendors with a low margin on stocks. In this way, you can order a lot at the minimum price possible and sell it to your customers at your preferred price.

  • Fast delivery

When you become a seller and place an order on Flipkart under the B2B program, you get quick deliveries. Time is everything and fast delivery ensures smooth business operations.

  • Credit facility

Flipkart offers a credit duration of up to 15 days. Thus, you can buy your goods on credit and still have the time of 15 days to repay the amount. 

  • Wise Selection

With years of being in the business, Flipkart now has data on area-wise customer demands. This can benefit you too. With smart data, you can be sure about the type of products people are purchasing around your area. Also, you can keep the stocks in advance depending on the nature of your business during any particular time of the year. 

  • Easy Returns

You can submit a request to return your items and have them picked up from your doorstep with a simple return policy. Return positioning is no more an issue.

  • Best Margins

Get the finest margins on a variety of items across several fashion categories. Such as

  • Women’s Apparel
  • Men’s wear
  • Kids’ wear
  • Footwear

  • Sell Across India :- Connect with a vast customer base of over 500 million across more than 27,000 PIN codes.

With the inexpensive costs, you may expand your business and increase revenues.

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Product You Can Buy On Flipkart Wholesale

  1. Grocery

From day-to-day grocery items to personal care items, you can choose from a list of products to buy. The list includes:

StaplesRice, Pulses, Flour, Salt, Sugar, Spices
BeveragesCoffee, Cold Drinks, Health Drinks, Juices, Tea
SnacksBiscuits, Chips, Cereals, Jams, Noodles
HygieneAntiseptics, Hand Wash, Hand Sanitizer, Soaps
LaundryDetergents, Fabric Softeners, Surface Cleaners
Fashion StoreFashionable items

From children’s dresses and ethnic Kurtis for ladies to shirts for men of all ages, the wholesale clothes fashion inventory has everything you need to keep your clients pleased. Here is a glimpse at what is available.

Men’s WearWomen’s Western wear
Women’s Ethnic WearKids’ Wear
Footwear: For Men & WomenMen’s Sports Items

How To Register On Flipkart To Buy Products In Wholesale?

To register for B2B services on Flipkart, a person or business must first sign up on Flipkart Wholesale platform. The process is simple and you can register yourself from the Flipkart Seller homepage. You can join Flipkart Wholesale Seller by giving details about the store and the products you wish to sell locally.

You need to provide the following information and verify it during the Flipkart Seller registration process:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Business address
  • Product types that you wish to sell on Flipkart
  • Tax registration documents

Also, with the basic details, you need the following business-related details and documents during the registration process.

Proof of Identity (Either of the listed documents)

  • Passport
  • PAN Card
  • Voters ID
  • Driving License
  • Any other photo identity card

Address Proof (Either of the listed documents)

  • Telephone bill 
  • Electricity bill
  • Letter from Employer
  • Ration card
  • Lease or license agreement
  • Letter from a recognized Public Authority or Public Servant verifying identity.

How To Register For Flipkart Wholesale Through The Mobile App?

As we all now carry a smartphone with us all the time. It even becomes easier to register on Flipkart wholesale. A step-by-step guide to registering through your mobile phone:

  • First, download Flipkart Wholesale app.
  • Second, enter your mobile number and verify it with OTP
  • Third, enter your name and select your primary category
  • Fourth, add business details and upload valid business proof
  • Fifth, enter the shop name and address
  • Last but not least, upload images of your shop

The Flipkart staff will examine and validate your information once you’ve gone through all of these steps and will onboard you as a wholesale seller.

After that, you can start placing orders on Flipkart wholesale. It is easy, fast, and time-saving.

What Factors Contributed to the Swift Success of Flipkart Wholesale?

Accessible Data-Driven Feedback Enhances Business Prosperity

Leveraging a digital platform, Flipkart Wholesale distinguishes itself by upholding its core commitment to fostering the success of local MSMEs and Indian Kiranas.

The company is deeply committed to achieving success and places a strong emphasis on promoting the prosperity of small businesses, particularly Kirana stores, through an extensive product range offered at competitive prices.

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These enterprises will benefit from a diverse array of products complemented by attractive schemes and incentives. Empowered by data-driven feedback mechanisms, businesses can make informed decisions on stock selection.

The feedback, delivered swiftly and reliably through a robust network, guarantees unparalleled efficiencies, whether operating in the general merchandise, fashion, or grocery sectors.

Seamless Access to Credit Facilities

Introducing a convenient payment solution known as “EasyCredit,” enabling customers to enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience by deferring upfront payments. With EasyCredit, clients have the flexibility to make purchases up to their credit limit and settle the entire amount at a later date.

Currently, Flipkart Wholesale extends credit terms of 7 and 15 days to retailers dealing in goods and groceries, all without any additional charges. Notably, businesses operating in the grocery and fashion sectors benefit from a predefined credit threshold, set at Rs 5000 and Rs 10,000, respectively.

Hassle-free Refund and Cancellation Procedure

Customers on Flipkart Wholesale have the convenience of canceling their entire order and securing a complete refund prior to its delivery. For non-prepaid orders, please note that cancellation requests from customers are not accommodated. It’s important to note that the outlined policies might be subject to variation based on the specific product.

Optimize Your Savings with Every Purchase

Discover unbeatable prices on Flipkart Wholesale’s diverse range of products, ensuring that every customer enjoys maximum value for their money.

Enhancing Business Decision-Making through Informed Insights

Flipkart Wholesale empowers its clientele with invaluable micro-market level insights, catering to both B2B and B2C dynamics. Leveraging data provided by Flipkart, customers can gain a profound understanding of fundamental customer demand, enabling them to make strategic and informed decisions in their trades.

Additionally, the company is committed to shedding light on the needs of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) by employing tailored models, ensuring their priorities take center stage in the business landscape.

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