Equipment required for setting up a Coffee Shop
Equipment required for setting up a Coffee Shop

Choosing the right equipment for your yet-to-be-opened coffee shop is one of the major budgetary decisions you will have to make before you set up shop. It’s essential that you start on the right foot to avoid operational complications and over-shooting your capital.  

Use this guide, to find out the list of basic coffee shop equipment that you need so you can avoid spending on the extras and frills that you can always add later on.

Steps to Start a Coffee Shop

1 Conduct Market Research

Perform a thorough examination of the market and competitors. Prior to diving into the endeavor of establishing a coffee shop from the ground up, it’s essential to gauge the landscape.

This involves conducting a comprehensive analysis of the market and competition in the targeted region where the café will operate. The following steps outline how to equip yourself with vital insights before embarking on the journey of starting a coffee shop.

2 Conduct Competitor Analysis

Conduct a comprehensive examination of your competitors. This step is closely connected to the preceding one. Once you have grasped the concept of a coffee bar business in your locality, it’s essential to delve deeper into studying your potential rivals.

Keep in mind the significance of also scrutinizing the coffee shops that have closed down in your vicinity and understanding the factors contributing to their closures.

3 Define Position

Establish your business positioning by determining the unique space your coffee shop will occupy and how it will stand out from competitors. Identifying your niche in the competitive coffee industry is crucial for a successful launch. Crafting a strong brand identity sets your establishment apart from both chain and independent coffee shops in the vicinity.

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Equipment That You Need To Set Up Shop

We have divided our checklist into three major categories:

Section 1: Coffee And Beverages Equipment

Your drinks are the highlights of your menu. You need the right machinery and other equipment to help you create creative and innovative drinks in a jiffy.

A High-Quality Espresso Machine

A vast majority of drinks you serve in your coffee shop will have a shot of espresso – either by itself or along with milk. Espresso machines range from thousands of rupees to lakhs. An espresso machine is the cornerstone of your café, so make sure that you don’t compromise on its quality.

Drip Coffee Makers

Apart from Espresso, black coffee is another popular drink at coffee shops. Look for a drip coffee maker that allows you to brew large quantities, without having to switch on the machine for each order.

An Industrial-Grade Coffee Grinder

As a coffee shop, you will be roasting and grinding coffee beans in-store to retain the freshness of your coffee. The right grinder plays a crucial role in determining the flavor profile and aroma of your espresso and other coffee drinks.


Blended drinks are quite the rage now – frappes, cold coffees, lattes, etc. You need a high-quality commercial, fast-speed blender with a sound shield so that the blending noise doesn’t disturb customers.

Apart from these, you also need tea brewers for tea lovers, ice makers, decanters, and hot water and hot milk dispensers.

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Section 2: Cooking Equipment

While drinks are the highlight of your coffee shop menu, most customers like something light to snack on like sandwiches, pastries, desserts. To include light bites on your menu, you need the following equipment:

Oven, Toasters, Panini Press, one or more stovetops

A countertop convection oven helps you serve freshly baked cookies, scones, muffins, and cupcakes. A toaster and Panini press is essential to whip up sandwiches quickly.

Food Prep Tables

Apart from cookware, you need sufficient counter space for food prep. Chopping vegetables, slicing meats, or pouring drinks – can become messy, if you don’t have sufficient counter space. Instead of cluttering the counter, you can opt for a couple of commercial worktables that make it easy for the baristas to do their job.

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Section 3: Other Miscellaneous Equipment

Pastry Case – Refrigerated And Non-Refrigerated

Display cases are essential to increase product visibility and to boost impulse sales. There are two types of display cases:

  • Refrigerated – to store deli sandwiches, cupcakes, pastries, and other desserts
  • Non-refrigerated – for pies, doughnuts, etc.

Refrigeration Units

Apart from the refrigerated display units, you require commercial fridges to increase the shelf-life of ingredients like milk, fresh cream, and other dairy products. A refrigeration unit is perfect for storing all odds and ends and can even help you store unsold items at the end of the day.

Sinks And Dishwashers

Having an industrial 3-component sink to wash, rinse and disinfect helps you keep your glassware, serve-ware and other kitchen equipment clean and spotless. If budget permits, you can invest in a dishwasher to speed up cleaning.

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POS And Security System

Apart from the kitchen equipment, you also have to invest in a tailored Point-of-Sale system to bill customer orders, track inventory, and more.

There you have it – a basic checklist to help you start planning the required equipment for starting a coffee shop. Make sure to consider the available floor and counter space when choosing equipment.

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