Places, where the food is being cooked and subsequently savored, are no longer under the same roof and on the contrary, they are increasingly falling apart. Gone are the days when we used to consume outside foods once in a while sitting in either a pub or a restaurant located at a strategic location of the city and is known for their aesthetically choreographed interior and delicious foods cooked with ingredients of love and passion? Now we tend to consume food more often as and when we feel the hunger doing the rounds inside our stomach.

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The business now moves on the wheel of food delivery apps 

Even a decade ago, we could not even imagine foods to be dropped at our doorsteps from the best of the restaurant chains in the city. Be it a small roadside food joint without having a prominent space for its customers to sit comfortably or an exotic multi-cuisine restaurant with flamboyant dine out zone architected on the theme of some old-school charm. Everyone nowadays is essentially equipped with an entire fleet of delivery personnel who roams around the city on their two-wheelers to get the food delivered hot and fresh at the designated destinations where the orders have been placed. 

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The idea of Food delivery apps gives momentum to the mobility of the food business:

Only the passion and zeal to cook yummy food with experimental cuisine cannot alone make you taste success in the business. The wider your business will fly on the wings of food delivery services, the more likely you will be to achieve scale and profitability in the business.

How To Successfully Sell On Swiggy?

There are certain steps to be followed for a better outcome as mentioned below while registering your business on the Swiggy platform. They are as follows:

 Do the profiling in accordance with the specialty, the restaurant offers- 

Be specific and unequivocal about your positioning that highlights the strength and uniqueness of your resources. With a single glimpse of the profile in the Swiggy platform, the customer should be able to figure out of their own, which category of food or cuisine your restaurant falls in. You also need to list down your food items in descending order of their popularity. The most popular preparation from your kitchen should be featured at the top of the list since the item that tops the list are likely to be opted for more often. 

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 You should try to make the packaging attractive and hygienic- 

This is probably the only way to do the customization in order to stand out in the clutter of similar-looking restaurants that offer almost the same variety of foods. Packaging should be very unique with a signature hallmark of a brand that talks about ethos of what it stands for. Packaging should be planned in such a manner so that it can lock the freshness of the food intact till the time it gets consumed. 

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 You can have separate pricing dynamics for the online delivery- 

It is imperative to get the customers lured by the value proposition of the offer. You can have separate pricing exclusively for online food delivery platforms. You can realign the quantity of the food as well as keeping in line with the number of persons to be served. You can even roll out full course meals offering regional delicacies at a reasonable price to garner more orders at the beginning.

E-Commerce Business Loan

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