The permanent account number or PAN card is one of the most important documents in India. The Income Tax department of the Indian government issues the PAN card. If you are an Indian Citizen eligible to file for income tax, you must possess a PAN card and PAN number.

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The PAN number is 10 digits and contains alphabets and numbers. The general representation of a PAN card is like ABCDM1764D. This code contains all the relevant information related to our tax profile. The information includes state of residence and various other things. 

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The PAN card is so important that losing it can cause panic attacks in some. However, thanks to the digitization of government services, there is no need to panic now. We can get our PAN card electronically, and it is as valuable as a physical PAN card. So, let’s see what an E PAN card is. 

What is e-PAN Card? 

As the name suggests, the E PAN card is electronic or virtual. This card is similar to the physical PAN card. If we lose our physical PAN card, we can use this one without worrying. 

The income tax department has launched the E PAN facility. We can download the E PAN card in PDF format and store it on our phones. There are two ways to download the E PAN card. 

Here are the detailed step-by-step instructions for downloading an E PAN card:

How to Download E PAN Card Online: 

The Digital India program has started bearing fruits. Thanks to this initiative, we don’t need to worry if we lose our PAN card. All we need to do is go to the Income Tax of India website and follow the simple steps. By completing the steps correctly, we can download our E PAN card.

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Method 1: From the NSDL website

In the first step, we will see how to download the PAN card from the NSDL website. On the NSDL website, we can download the E PAN either by using the acknowledgment number or the PAN option. Let’s start with the acknowledgment number method first.

Acknowledgment Number method: 

Step 1: Go to the E PAN download portal of NSDL, which is 

Step 2: Once on the page, enter the acknowledgment number received during the submission of your PAN application. We will also need to provide additional details such as the Aadhaar number, date of birth, and CAPTCHA code.

Step 3: After clicking “Enter”, you will be redirected to a page to select an option to receive an OTP. The OTP can be received on one’s registered mobile number, email address, or both.

Step 4: Click the “Generate OTP” button, enter the OTP in the dialogue box, and validate. 

Step 5: After this, click on the “Download PDF” for E PAN download. 

e PAN Download Using the PAN Option: 

We can also download the E PAN using the PAN card number from the NSDL portal. To download the E PAN card, follow these steps: 

Step 1: Go to the NSDL portal at 

Step 2: Enter the required details such as PAN card number, Aadhaar Card number, date of birth,  and CAPTCHA. 

Step 3: After filling in this information, click “Submit”. The E PAN card will be downloaded. 

Method 2: From the UTIITSL website: 

You can also download the PAN card from the UTIITSL website. Follow these steps to download E PAN from the UTIITSL website:

Step 1: Go to the UTIITSL website at 

Step 2: Enter the PAN card details, Date of Birth, and CAPTCHA. 

Step 3: On the next screen, there will be an option to choose the method to receive an OTP via mobile, email, or both. However, the mobile number and the email id should be connected to the PAN card.

Step 4: Submit the OTP. In this method, we may need to pay Rs 8.26 if the PAN issuance period has been more than 30 days. 

Step 5: We can download the E PAN card after successfully making the payment. 


Someone may ask, why do we need a PAN card? PAN ensures linking all financial transactions made over a certain threshold. These include TDS/TCS, gifts, payments, and other financial transactions. 

Moreover, the PAN card links various financial documents such as the payment of taxes, tax demand, and valuation of assets. Furthermore, banks also require PAN cards to inquire about credit scores from credit rating agencies.


  1. What should I do if my PAN card is lost or stolen? 

Ans: If you lose your PAN card or it is stolen, file a complaint with the police and obtain an FIR copy and acknowledgment number. In the meantime, use the information mentioned above for the E PAN card.

  • How can I get another physical PAN card? 

Ans: You must apply for a duplicate PAN card to receive another physical PAN card. This can be done by submitting the form titled “Request for New PAN Card Or/ and Changes or Correction in PAN Data”. If the PAN card is lost and you do not remember the PAN details, this information can be retrieved using the “know your PAN” facility from the Income Tax of India website. 

  • How can I sign in for PAN application 49 A? 

Ans: You must sign at three places while filling out forms 49A/49AA. However, if you fill out the form online, you must use the Aadhaar sign facility. In this facility, in place of the signature, the form gets verified via the Aadhaar.

  • Will an e-PAN be considered valid proof of PAN?
    Yes, an e-PAN will be considered valid proof for a PAN card as all the details mentioned on a PAN card are displayed on an e-PAN

  • Should I submit a scanned copy of my photograph and signature for completing the e-KYC process? No, you need not submit a scanned copy of your photograph and signature for completing e-KYC.

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