Running a restaurant is a demanding task. With increasing competition, gradual disruption from cloud kitchens and continuous cash flow challenges in management, it is becoming important for restaurateurs to understand the challenges of the industry. And solve them to maintain their position in the industry.

To make your restaurant business a grand success, restaurant owners have to manage the day to day operations, understand emerging food trends, maintain cash flow and reach more customers with the help of creative marketing. After conversing and discussing the scenario of the restaurant industry with restaurateurs from small, medium and large-scale segments, it was easy to understand the operational challenges of the industry and how to manage them. 

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So, we decided to document the operational challenges in the restaurant industry and how it should be managed. Let’s get started –

Operational Challenge 1:

Managing the restaurant

Managing a restaurant is a knackering and draggy task. As it involves regular analysis of your business, meeting the demands of your customers and above all making the restaurant operation profitable. 

So how to make your restaurant business profitable? How do you measure the performance of your restaurant? Here are some helpful tips which will help you in achieving your restaurateur goals:

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Maintain a record

It’s a good practice to maintain a record of restaurant activities as it helps in measuring the performance, minimizing operational costs and ensuring the successful operation of your restaurant. Please maintain and record the following points:

  • The cost required to prepare every food item, and its profit margin
  • Staff costs
  • The time required to prepare every meal (Important as serving customers on time will improve the health of your business)
  • Daily sales
  • Weekly profits and losses incurred
  • The margin between sales and staff plus food preparation Costs

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Managing the operational costs

After maintaining and keeping a record of your restaurant, here is how you can manage the operational costs of your business:

  • Set weekly and monthly sales targets
  • Train and educate your staff to treat and handle customers in a professional and welcoming manner
  • Monitor the quality of food items on a regular basis
  • Ask for feedback from your customers as it will guide you on metrics that you can work on.
  • Look for areas where there is room for miniature profits without compromising on the quality of your food and service

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Let’s proceed to the second operational challenge and its solution – 

Operational Challenge 2:

Inventory Management and Menu Pricing

Inventory management is important when it comes to operating a restaurant. It makes the ordering process easier and efficient and helps reduce food waste. Coming to the menu, the menu is more than a piece of information in a restaurant. And as a restaurateur, it is important for you to set profitable pricing margins and increasing it gradually with time. 

Operational Challenge 3:

Recruiting and Training Staff

Human resources are the greatest foundation of the successful and healthy operation of a business. The same ideology stays true for the restaurant industry. Hiring the right people can drastically improve the performance of your business and makes your restaurant a success!

Having great staff will enhance your customer experience, make the restaurant environment welcoming and make your business do exceptionally well. Below are some tips regarding hiring and training your staff.

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Educate your staff

Equip your staff with a training manual which will make them familiar with the identity of your restaurant. Inspire them by telling your restaurant’s story, its vision and where it sees itself in the future. Also, teach your staff to keep patience when dealing with customers in both good and bad circumstances.

Reward them on a monthly and yearly basis

Ensure to reward your staff with incentives when they hit a sales target or perform exceptionally well in their job. Incentives and rewards will keep the staff motivated and will guide them to do better with time. Taking good care of the staff will ultimately help them take good care of your restaurant.

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