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Tips For Running A Good Biryani Restaurant
27 Dec

Tips For Running A Good Biryani Restaurant

Tips For Running A Good Biryani Restaurant
Tips For Running A Good Biryani Restaurant

The fact that the restaurant industry in India has registered double-digit growth clearly shows the huge potential the sector holds. But it also means that there is stiff competition in the industry. To run a successful biryani restaurant, you must be aware of how your biggest competitors operate, and you must offer unique services to your customers. If you want to run a thriving restaurant, here are some golden tips for you: 

  1.  USP

It is always about the USP in the restaurant industry. With the many choices available to them, you need to give customers a strong reason to visit your restaurant and say good things about it. This USP could be anything: it could be a signature dish or pet-friendly access, a theme or a star chef. Most successful biryani restaurants have a signature dish that sets them apart. You need to have a USP that draws customers to your outlet, too. 

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2.   Location

The location of a restaurant plays a significant role in its success. You must be very careful while choosing the location. If your restaurant is in an area that is easily accessible and visible, it will naturally see high footfalls. If it is located in the city center, you will be able to draw many customers. Identify your customer base and choose a location keeping your customers in mind. Investing in an ideal location will not come cheap, but it will pay off in the long run. 

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3.  Consider costs

A biryani restaurant will have both fixed and variable costs. Fixed costs will include rent and the staff’s salary. Variable costs will include the cost of purchasing food ingredients and utensils, the cost of electricity, and more. You need to learn to reduce the variable costs without cutting down on the quality of your services. Running a restaurant usually requires heavy investments, and if you are struggling with funds, you can consider a business loan. It will help control costs and will make it possible for you to choose an ideal location. 

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4.   Serve top-quality biryani

You must never compromise on the quality of biryani. No matter the amount you charge for your dishes, your customers will flock to your outlet if you can tingle their taste buds. Do not compromise on the quality of purchases you make. The restaurant should have a well-stocked inventory. Maintain an inventory sheet and ensure that you use only fresh produce to prepare biryani. Make a list of fast- and slow-moving items and refer to it when making purchases. If you serve nothing but the best, you will never run out of customers.

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5.    Train the staff

The decor, food, and location might be great, but if the service is shoddy, it will leave customers with a bad taste in the mouth (pun intended!). You need to train your staff and ensure proper demarcation of responsibilities. Allocate duties very clearly and instruct your staff on how to make guests feel welcome. Your staff should know how to handle an emergency and how to deal with customer complaints. If the service is efficient, customers will enjoy visiting your restaurant.

6.   Use technology

With the penetration of smartphones across the length and breadth of the country, you need to remember that your customers reach out for their phones for practically anything under the sun. They even search for the best biryani outlets on their phones. Hence, you need to act swiftly and be visible online if you want to remain at the top of the industry. You need to offer services like online reservations, mobile ordering, and free WiFi. Your competitors are already offering these services and you need to level up with them. 

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Always remember that in the food industry the customer is the king. If your customer does not like a dish, take their feedback constructively and waive off the bill. Always be polite and courteous with the customer. A satisfied customer will spread the good word about the business. Hence, keep the customer happy and focus on offering only top-quality dishes at your restaurant.

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Be it marketing, hiring more staff, purchasing new equipment, setting up the restaurant, or just managing the daily expenses, without a steady flow of funds your business can severely suffer amid the growing competition. With the flexibility to choose your loan tenure and repayment schedule, your search for the best loan for the restaurant business in India is sure to end at Indifi. Apply online to know more about unsecured business loan for the restaurant business. 

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