How To Increase Visibility On Amazon?

These days a large number of merchants dream to sell on Amazon as they get enticed by the great number of buyers visiting the shopping site worldwide. They think at least some of those buyers would get interested in their products and they would be able to make a tidy sum. However, the hopeful sellers become extremely disappointed when customers don’t get interested in their products and their stock sells very slowly. 

It’s easy to list your products on Amazon, but if your products are not visible to buyers and you don’t exceed their expectations, it’s not possible to earn a whopping amount. Amazon sellers can take a variety of measures to enhance their products’ visibility and discoverability. However, it is crucial to keep metrics that impact the customer experience at all times. Getting your product listings on Amazon is step 1, but following through and making your inventory visible to customers and understanding their buying process in the next important step. 

A strong pricing strategy and price optimization

Price is one of the most important factors that Amazon’s algorithm analyses when it dictates a BuyBox winner. There are many important factors such as item condition, fulfilment method, shipping time, seller feedback score, seller feedback count, late shipment rate, on-time delivery, order defect rate, cancellation rate, and refund rate. Some experts say that it’s actually the most significant factor. 

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Experts reveal that according to Amazon users research 2018, the price remains the most important factor of influence for Amazon buyers. 65% of Amazon shoppers consider the lower price as the main factor for decision making while buying on Amazon. The pricing landscape of the Amazon marketplace changes constantly. Thus, if you work with a partner that assists you to establish a pricing strategy and automate the price changes in real-time according to the market, then you can stay competitive and earn more profit.  

Optimize your product’s visibility via Search 

To sell products on Amazon, you need to ensure that your customers see your products and engage in any activity that can make your products easily found on Amazon. The main search bar is the most common method for finding products on Amazon. Customers depend on Amazon’s algorithm to locate products, thus sellers need to take an SEO approach to their items’ keywords and optimize them accordingly. 

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More than 45% of prime members shop on Amazon at least once a week – that is about half of the prime users who browse weekly. Almost 13% of the non-prime members shop on Amazon at least once weekly – that is under a quarter of the number who browse weekly on Amazon. These numbers have gone up tremendously in recent years. It reveals the tendency of Amazon users to shop frequently while browsing the shopping site. 

Customer Service

Amazon is in the process of making a wide range of products available to customers with incredible prices. However, Amazon’s real aim is to win their buyer’s trust. It’s important to ensure that a buyer can trust Amazon’s methods and transactions from beginning to end. When a customer buys on Amazon, they expect the whole purchasing process to be transparent, and hassle-free with timely delivery, product quality as expected, and reliable customer support. Negative feedback from a customer can harm Amazon’s reputation. That’s why reliable customer service is extremely important for being successful as an Amazon seller. 

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You should guarantee: 

  • You can sell a high volume of products
  • You can ship fast
  • You can quickly respond to buyer’s complaints and queries 
  • You can keep negative feedback low 

Final Thoughts

Depending upon the products you sell, your strengths and your challenges, you may have a competitive advantage through product pricing, listing, and/or customer service. Most of your competitors will try to outperform in the aforementioned areas. Thus, to stay ahead in the competition, you should try to perform better in the areas that are your strength. 

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